Elcis Encoder

Elcis Encoders: ISC global distributes the high-quality combinational circuit

Elcis encoders are considered to be the best combinational circuit that helps in converting binary information into digital signals. ISC assures that all the encoders and transducers distributed are capable of exacting UNI EN ISO 9001: 200 standards. The Elcis encoders as well as the transducers are tested precisely. A wide range of Elcis encoders and transducers are supplied by ISC global in India.

Elcis encoders and its assessment procedures

To meet the ISO standards, Elcis ensures that every product undergoes diligent testing procedures. Assessment procedures like laser interferometer testing and burn-in treatment are performed over the encoders, to assure the customers about the reliability and high quality of the products. The additional quality assurance as well as the wide range of products has made it possible for Elcis to achieve global popularity.

Elcis incremental encoders for major applications

Elcis incremental encoders have a significant amount of resolution range along with a high operating frequency. This helps the incremental encoders to become appropriate for most of the applications. In order to satisfy the demands of the customers, Elcis ensures that even under conditions of changing power or temperature, the differential technique scanning assembly produces a reliable output signal. As a result, it allows the users to use it for heavy use, where it may get exposed to harmful environmental contaminants. One of the most interesting facts about this product is that it has the capability to use gallium arsenide LED light. This light source is also rated for over 100,000 hours, which makes it appropriate for most significant applications.

Elcis absolute encoders for information accuracy

Elcis absolute encoders are ideal for users who utilize applications where accurate information is required and data collecting takes place over a prolonged duration. During the first move, these absolute encoders detect the shaft direction without the use of an electronic counter. One of the major advantages of utilizing this product is that it can be used for both professional and industrial applications. It is designed in a way, which tolerates various environmental elements like dust, oil as well as moisture.

Elcis linear transducers and its authorized distributors

Elcis linear transducers are considered to be developed using precise components, which makes them extremely durable. In order to gather accurate information on the shaft’s position in the linear path.

ISC is the authorized distributor of these products in India. The strategic alliance of ISC with Elcis for the past 20 years. ISC assures that every client is capable of getting high-quality and reliable products from Elcis.