Elcis Encoder

ELCIS Encoder: The Best Combinational Circuit To Convert Binary Information

ELCIS Encoders are perfect for devices that help in data acquisition for a longer period. It is generally used in places where information accuracy plays a crucial role.

ELCIS Encoders – Testing Method

ELCIS has created rigorous testing methods for each of its encoders. Before getting launched to the market, each of the encoders of ELCIS goes through a rigorous and continuous process to meet the exacting standards. The tests, which the encoders go through before and after assembly, burn-in treatment, etc. For determining the reliability of the encoders, laser interferometer tests are conducted. The alignments with the graphic illustrations and sign-off depict the precision of the encoders as well as the test values. This rigorous attention to detail and the extensive range of reliable products has helped ELCIS to achieve worldwide recognition.

Elcis Authorized Distributor

ISC has strategic alliance with ELCIS for marketing their products. We, ISC are an authorized distributor of ELCIS in India for 20 years.