Motion Control

Drives: AC / DC / SERVO
Classic AC drives On board I / O and communication option
Vector AC drives 200 / 400 / 500 / 690 Volts AC Drives
Up to 400 KW Close / open loop Vector control
Single / 3 Phase drives Panel mount / free standing models
DC Drive Up to 4 Quadrants DC Drive with 6, 12 and 24 pulse system
DC Drive up to 1850 Amp Parallel connection option of DC drives
Servo drive up to 20 Nm

DC Micro Motors
DC motors – direct drive up to 95 Watt, 3700 RPM With various shaft and gear option
DC motors – geared up to 95 Watt, 3700 RPM External / Internal control electronics
DC brushless Motor up to 80 Watt, 3250 RPM Programmable motors up to 80 watt
Synchronous motor up to 2.65 Watt, 600 RPM Linear / rotary / voice coil actuators
Stepper Motor up to 12.5 Watt, up to 4 phases, up to 300 Nm Flat, angular or planetary gear box
Linear motor- with Synchronous and stepper EMC filter and brakes
  option, up to 10 mm displacement    

Optical Encoder Resolution upto 320000 ppr
Magnetic Encoder Internal interpolation and programmable
Incremental Encoder High resistance against shock and vibration
Absolute Encoder (single turn / multi turn) Integrated flex coupling for simple mounting
CAM switch encoder Clamping / servo / square / elongated centering flange
Shaft / hollow shaft / kit / cable pull type of shafts Heavy duty encoder with ATEX certification
Various interfaces - SSI, parallel, CAN open, Zero setting input
  Device net, Profibus-DP    
EhterCAT, Square / sinusoidal wave signal    

Tacho Generators
Special range 1:20,000 (>14 bit) distinctly Temperature range from -30 deg C to +130 deg C
Combination of Tacho Generator, Encoder, Speed switch Resistant to mechanical and electrical influences
Various shaft options Auxiliary power not required
AC / DC model Interference immunity at signal transmission
Analog / Digital Tacho Speed and direction of rotation measured in real time

Soft Starters
Various communications option for PLC / SCADA Medium voltage soft starter up to 15000 V, 26 MW
Normal duty heavy duty option, Comprehensive motor protection
With built in by pass or without built in by pass Frequency auto tracking 45-65 Hz
Single phase / three phase option in analog soft starter ISO 9001:2000 certified
Analog / Digital soft starters Unique fault indication down to individual thyristor level
Low voltage soft starter up to 600 V, 150 KW Soft step less acceleration and deceleration

DC Injection Brakes
Various voltage ratings up to 690 volt AC Reducing stopping time of high inertia loads
Up to 200 KW LED display
Auto / manual mode DIN rail mounting
Adjustable braking time CE certified