Safety and Operator Control Devices

Safety Switches Rope Safety Switches
Safety switches with separate actuator With reset for emergency stop
Hinged safety switches Addressable switches with communication system
Safety switches with separate actuator with solenoid / mechanical interlock Without reset for simple stop
Slotted hole lever safety switches Switches for offshore and explosion proof application
Coded magnetic safety sensors Heavy duty and Normal duty application
Switches for explosion proof & hygiene grade application  

Belt Alignment Switches Foot Switches
With & without reset for safety & normal application With & without reset for safety & normal application
Heavy duty switches for bulk material handling application Plastic & metallic body switches with & without protective cover
Addressable switches with communication system Multiple pedal switches
Offshore & explosion proof grade switches Switches with digital & analog O/P
    Switches for medical application

Light Curtain & Laser Scanner
Type 2 & type 4 with / without blanking & muting function Laser scanner with programmable protected
Various resolution & height for protection of finger to body   horizontal or vertical areas.
Extended range up to 60 m 190 degree scan angle
Integrated, selectable manual or automatic start / restart Resolution configurable from 30 to 150 mm: from
Feedback I / P for external relay monitoring
  hand detection to access monitoring
Master & salve models for cascade connection Two safety zone of 4m radius with two associated
With water tight enclosure   separately programmable pre-alarm areas.
Curtains for automation application like detecting    
  objects, counting lines, defining position, identifying   shape or outside measuring dimension

Safety Relay
For emergency stop & guard door monitoring with Bimanual controls or synchronism check
  safety category 2, 3 & 4 Device with stop 0 & stop 1 category
Monitoring module for standstill monitoring light curtain I / P & O / P expansion module
With instantaneous and delayed contacts    

Master Controller & Complete Control Unit
Single axis, multi axis master controller for various Control electronics with Profibus or CAN interface
  application like crane control, remote control, Controllers for offshore & nautical application
  hoisting, material handling technology, steel mills, Different palm grips
  mining, tunneling, rail