Limit Switches
Switches for normal & heavy duty application Tropicalized version with ceramic insulation
Switches with positive opening contacts for safe application Switches for explosive zone
High temperature switches up to 200 degree C application Micro switches with IP20, IP40 & IP65 protection
Geared & spindle switches Pre-cable switches
Different types of actuators for various applications

Proximity Switches
Inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic Cylindrical / rectangular
High temperature switches up to 130 degree C 3- wire, 2 wire (NAMUR)
Switches for explosive zone application 0-3000 mm sensing distance depending upon time
Hygiene grade switches with IP 69 protection    

Hot Metal Detectors
Digital / scanning HMD Various lens option
Ambient temp up to 1000 degree C IR compensation
AC / DC model Air purge / water cooling option
Programmable outputs, relay / transistor outputs 1-250 m sec response time
Hot rod, bar, plate, tube, strip detection    

Laser Distance Meters
Class I / II laser 0.1 mm accuracy
Sensing distance up to 150 meter Air / water cooling option
Various communication option Various housing option including explosion proof
Analog / digital output IP66 / NEMA 4X enclosure

Photo Electric Secsors
Distance & intensity based: distance sensor, Fibre optic: glass fibre, plastic fibre
  difference sensor, diffuse sensor with background / Color: color, diffuse contrast
  foreground suppression, diffuse sensor with Intensity Sensing distance 0-2000 mm
  difference, liquid level sensor / leakage sensor Cylindrical / rectangular
Beam interruptive: retro-reflective, through beam,
Light source: LED, Laser, infrared, blue light

fork and angle sensor.    

Process Sensors and transmitters
Pressure switches / Transmitter / Gauges Temperature / level / Conductivity:
Pressure switches: electronic / mechanical -1 to Temperature switches: electronic / mechanical
  600 bar with or without display, Operating
up to 350 degree C, intrinsically safe
  temperature up to 460 degree C Electronic temperature measurement: RTD,
Electronic pressure measurement: smart / fixed   thermocouple, infrared, -200 degree C to 180 degree C
  range -1 to 1600 bar, gauge or absolute, LCD Bi-metallic, gas filled thermometers, -70 degree C to 800
  display, wide selection of hygienic connections,   degree C, IP-50 to 68, stainless steel / poly propylene case
  operating temperature up to 120 degree C Level measurement: conductive, capacitive, hydrostatic
Mechanical pressure measurement: bourdon tube/   pressure, optical, ultrasonic -20 to 85 degree C process,
  diaphagram / capsule / differential, electrical output,
temperature, hygienic design, separate electronics
  standard / industrial gauge with / without damping Conductivity measurement: configurable range

fluid, up to 1000 bar

  IP-67, -120 to 130 degree C process temperature,

integrated temperature measurement.

Handheld / Fixed / BlackBody Calibration Sources :

Calex temperature measurement products include handheld infrared thermometers, fixed infrared temperature sensors, thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers, fibre-optic contact temperature probe systems, blackbody calibration sources and indicating controllers.

  • Calex offers a range of handheld pen-style infrared thermometers and temperature guns, with models available to measure temperatures from -50 to 1800°C.
  • Sensors are available with temperature ranges from -40°C to 2475°C, and with field-of-view options to suit a wide range of target sizes and distances.
  • Portable blackbody sources allow for the calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers at high or low temperatures.